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People being spammed with unrequested subscription emails

Posted: Tue Sep 15, 2020 1:12 am
by dmna
ImageSince mid-Nov 2019, something has been sending out unsolicited subscription request messages for our newsletter (dmnanews), which is a Dada mail list hosted on Bluehost. The way a user would request being added is at this site:

I know because I get bounce messages (as some of these addresses are invalid). I started using Amazon SES in December, and now I also get complaint messages from Amazon as users (of valid email addresses) are given the option to report it as fraudulent, which they sometimes do.

As a result, my complaint rate for Amazon SES is now abouve 0.50% and so my account is under review.

Is there anything I can do via Dada mail to stop those fraudulent subscription messages from going out in the first place? I hate that spam is coming from our site. Is there an option to add a Captcha to the screen (linked above) where they request being added to the list?

(Edit: I vaguely remembered saying I wanted a Captcha but I don't see one showing up, so I checked settings in Dadamail. I do have "Enable CAPTCHA" checked, but there is a message "Disabled. Google reCAPTCHA needs to be correctly configured. ". Help?)

(Later Edit: I RTFD and see that I have some work to do to set up Google reCAPTCHA ( ... -Dada-Mail). I will do that. I will leave this here in case it helps a future person stuck like I was!)

Lisa Grueneberg
DMNA Communications Chair