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Upgrading Dada Mail Login fails to admin panel

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    Tim Lester

    Just upgraded from DadaMail 4.0 to 11.2, had some minor issues but have solved all of those except one. I can not login to the Administration panel – page displays my list name but when I enter my password (list or admin) it’s like the system rejects the password and takes me back to Available Mailing Lists page. Old version used mySQL DB and I am able to see archived messages after the upgrade.

    Anyone have ideas or suggestions to solve the login problem?

    Tim Lester

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    Sounds like it could be that the program was set up with an http address, but the app is access via https – that would mean there’s a redirect every time you try to login to the https site, and with that redirect, all the post data is lost.

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    Tim Lester

    The original Ver 4.0 was installed with http but Ver 11.2 was installed/upgraded with https enabled.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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