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    Denny Pasternak

    I seem to think that at one time I read about a method to use a form on my web site to request an email address and an option to subscribe or unsubscribe and pass that informaiton into a DADA Mail cgi module. But I can’t seem to find that in the documentation. Can anyone confirm my thought on that and point me in the direction of the documentation to implement that? Thanks.

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    In the list control, go to: Appearance: Subscription Form HTML to grab the HTML needed to put the subscription form on your site.

    There is no form for unsubscribing. All user unsubscribing is done through links/buttons in the emails sent.

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    Denny Pasternak

    Thanks for the information.

    If the only way to unsubscribe is from the button at the end of the emails, how does someone unsubsribe if they have deleted the email with the button on it? Thanks.

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    One would have to wait until another message is sent to them,
    or contact the list owner, who could do the unsubscription on their behalf.
    There is a third option, and that is for them to log into their Profile, to unsubscribe from there.

    Problem with an unsubscription form is that it generally requires some sort of confirmation, or anyone can add anyone’s address to unsubscribe them. Adding a confirmation step is against laws like CANSPAM.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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